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Left Wildcat Greenfield High School
Class Of 1976 - THEN
Right Wildcat

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This page is dedicated to the Class of 1976 as they were THEN!!

*Remember Them THEN??*

Carol Blankenburg
Name:Carol Blankenburg
Nickname:Kickle, Bird Dog, Susi
I Love:Rick
Prized Possession:My ring and my car
Pet Peeve:People who THINK they know everything
Girl:Colleen, Lori, Patti, Kristi
Teacher:Coach Jackson and Mrs. Attebery
Class:7th hour Study Hall
Singer or Group:Just about all of them
Song:"When Will I See You Again"
Drink:Mountain Dew
Hobby:Having fun
Pastime:Talking on the phone
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:Oh, Wow!
Most Embarrassing Moment:When the test tube blew up in my face in freshmen science
Secret Desire:To become the world's second bionic woman
Future Plans:Work and be happy
Advice to Underclassmen:Life is so precious so don't waste even one day of it.
Betty Carol Boucher
Name:Betty Carol Boucher
I Love:Linley
Prized Possession:My horse and my watch
Pet Peeve:Bonnie
Girl:Gayle, Sue, Belinda, Sharon
Teacher:Goodale, Carlock
Singer or Group:La Costa
Song:"If I had It To Do Over, I'd Do It With You"
Food:Barbecued chicken
Hobby:Doing Bonnie's laundry
Sport:Horseback riding
Pastime:Watching TV
Favorite Hangout:Green and white Ford
Saying or expression:"That is the dumbest..."
Most Embarrassing Moment:The night two girls walked to Food Fair
Secret Desire:To live to be as old as Linley
Future Plans:Go to beauty school
Advice to Underclassmen:Learn to write like your mother.
Terry Brooks
Name:Terry Norman Brooks
Nickname:Chuck, All American Boy
I Love:Life
Prized Possession:Friends and fond memories
Pet Peeve:People who are not what they profess to be
Girl:Terri, Earl
Boy:Sid, David
Teacher:Stapp. LSP, Carlock, Phillips
Singer or Group:Barry Manilow, John Denver, Carpenters
Song:"Mandy", "I'm Sorry"
Drink:Root beer, chocolate milk
Hobby:Getting along with people
Sport:Football, track, baseball, basketball
Pastime:Catching up, goofing around
Favorite Hangout:Coly and farm
Saying or expression:I wouldn't kid ya
Most Embarrassing Moment:Walking down in the middle of the gym floor when I wasn't supposed to on Honor Day in the eighth grade
Secret Desire:Stamp all the oranges in the world with "SUNKIST"
Future Plans:Attend collrge at University of Mo.-Columbia, have a lot of grandkids, enjoy life
Advice to Underclassmen:Enjoy school while you are still in it and make the most of every opportunity.


Brenda Sue Carter
Name:Brenda Sue Carter
Nickname:Crazy Carter
I Love:ST and SF
Prized Possession:My Book Collection
Pet Peeve:People with closed minds
Girl:M.B.R., N.N., J.W., Etc.
Boy:The Great Bird of the Galaxy
Class:Remedial Basketweaving
Singer or Group:O'Reilly
Song:"I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen"
Color:Blue and Green
Food:Plomik Soup
Drink:Hot water with a crayon in it, and it's ... Green
Hobby:Collecting Memoriabilia
Pastime:Doing what I want to do
Favorite Hangout:U.S.S. Enterprise
Saying or expression:Live Long and Prosper
Most Embarrassing Moment:The Mile Walk
Secret Desire:To be like Gene R.
Future Plans:To go to college
Advice to Underclassmen:Do what you like to do and don't let anyone put you down.

Top Ten #9

Brenda Sue Cooper McGill
Name:Brenda Cooper
I Love:My family
Prized Possession:My TV set
Pet Peeve:Those that don't mind their own business
Girl:Brenda M.
Teacher:Glenn, Phillips, Pendergrass, D. Jackson
Singer or Group:Captain and Tenille
Song:"Midnight Blues"
Food:Steak, Mexican foods
Sport:Horseback riding, softball
Pastime:Attending ball games
Favorite Hangout:Home
Saying or expression:Huh!
Most Embarrassing Moment:The night I walked in on referees dressing in the girls' lockerroom
Secret Desire:To live on a farm
Future Plans:To graduate
Advice to Underclassmen:Have fun while in school; the years will go by faster.

Top Ten #7

Lori Jayne Cornelius
Name:Lori Jayne Cornelius
Nickname:Lois Lane, Squint, Quake and Cory Lane
I Love:Living, being free, sharing good times and close friends
Prized Possession:Memories and a gift from a special friend
Pet Peeve:People who can't accept me the way I am instead of the way they want me to be
Girl:Patti, Carol and Vicki
Boy:Most of 'em
Teacher:Mrs. Morrow, Coach Jackson, Mrs. Dodd and Mr. Walker
Class:4th hr Study Hall and English 4
Singer or Group:Barry Manilow and John Denver
Song:"I write the songs", "Mandy", "Feelings", and "Dream Weaver"
Food:Cashew chicken, egg rolls, steak and eggs, and Honey Bear brownies
Drink:Pepsi float
Hobby:Watching Robert Redford movies
Sport:Miniature golf and swimming
Pastime:Reasoning out things and playing with Kenny and Bruce
Favorite Hangout:The lake
Saying or expression:Way to Go-Pro
Most Embarrassing Moment:Getting caught by a boat while swimming in the moonlight
Secret Desire:To always be happy
Future Plans:Move to Springfield and attend Cox School of Radiologic Technology
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't give up when you're feeling down, live each day to its fullest and enjoy life while you can
Vicki Ann Crawford Davis
Name:Vicki Ann Crawford
Nickname:Little Red, Sticky
I Love:Life and all the good times
Prized Possession:My car
Pet Peeve:Curfews and people who spit
Girl:Sandi, Susan, Pam, Shirley, Gayle and Lori
Boy:Most of 'em except the ones that spit!
Teacher:Coach Phillips
Singer or Group:Shop
Song:"Sweet Love", "Danny's Song", "Colour My World"
Food:Toastados, Steak
Hobby:Making rocking chairs and giant toy boxes
Sport:Volleyball and softball
Pastime:Riding around, getting in trouble for driving during school and working for Coach Phillips
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:"Oh boogers!"
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Secret Desire:To always be happy and be rich
Future Plans:Go to SMSU
Advice to Underclassmen:Make plans in advance for college so you won't be so confused your last few weeks of school.
Cynthia Lee Crowell
Name:Cynthia Lee Crowell
Nickname:Cotton Buns, Crowhole
I Love:Scotty
Prized Possession:Car, ring
Pet Peeve:People who lie
Girl:Saundra, Pam, Kristi, Tina, Kathy, Tammy, Mom
Boy:Vincent, Randy D., Dad
Teacher:Mrs. Goodale
Singer or Group:B.T.O., Fog Hat
Song:"Slow Ride", "Money Honey"
Sport:Volleyball, football
Favorite Hangout:Red Chevelle
Saying or expression:Oh Brother!
Most Embarrassing Moment:8th grade initiation
Secret Desire:Get out of school
Future Plans:Go to college, get married
Advice to Underclassmen:Have fun while you can
Kristi Luanne Crutcher Wilson
Name:Kristi Lu Crutcher
I Love:Sunrise and Sunset
Prized Possession:
Pet Peeve:Those who consider themselves better. As different as we are, we're all the same
Girl:Cookie, Cindy
Teacher:L.S.P., Dodd
Singer or Group:O.M.D., M.P.
Song:"Probably Always Will", "Cottonwood", "How Can I Tell You"
Favorite Hangout:Joe's Used Camel Lot
Saying or expression:Hi, how are you?
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Secret Desire:Live on an uncharted desert isle with Clark Gable
Future Plans:Stay sane
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't be fooled into thinking you have to follow the crowd.
Mark Davis
Name:Mark Allen Davis
Nickname:Zark, Tiger, Zarko
I Love:Patti
Prized Possession:My charming and witty personality
Pet Peeve:No, I've never had a pet named "Peeve"
Girl:Patti (and all other girls)
Boy:Paul, Doug, Scott, Joe
Teacher:Mrs. Glenn
Singer or Group:Eagles
Song:"Money, Honey"
Food:Ham, brown beans
Drink:Kansas water
Hobby:My car
Pastime:Preaching on the hazards of smoking
Favorite Hangout:Resort, Food Blair
Saying or expression:I don't know
Most Embarrassing Moment:Any time i'm around Joe McNeel
Secret Desire:To find out what makes Joe's cars run so good
Future Plans:Go to college, Yale, Harvard, or S.M.S.
Advice to Underclassmen:Make sure the 8th graders are always clean. Give 'em a shower.
Randall Lee Dickinson
Name:Randall Lee Dickinson
Nickname:Freak, Hair, Dick, Cookie duster
I Love:Kathy
Prized Possession:Duster
Pet Peeve:
Boy:Mike, Scott, George, Jeff, Jerry, Hog, Rod
Teacher:Kathy and Walker
Class:Biology II
Singer or Group:Yes
Song:"Close to the Edge"
Hobby:Cruising Greenfield with Kathy
Sport:Hunting and fishing
Pastime:Going to Pittsburg
Favorite Hangout:Washington's
Saying or expression:Well Good
Most Embarrassing Moment:Being a turkey
Secret Desire:To become a doctor
Future Plans:Go to college and get into Medical Technology
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't let people run you over.
Donny Dill
Name:Donny Dill
I Love:Life
Prized Possession:My Car
Pet Peeve:Rednecks
Girl:All of them
Boy:Danny, Tracy, Hair
Singer or Group:ZZ Top
Song:"Happy Hooker"
Food:Fish and pork chops
Drink:Only on weekends
Favorite Hangout:Way out of town
Saying or expression:Well ????
Most Embarrassing Moment:??
Secret Desire:No comment
Future Plans:Work
Advice to Underclassmen:Keep going, it will be over soon enough.
Harvey Dodd
Name:Harvey Dodd
Nickname:Hopeless Harve
I Love:Melissa
Prized Possession:Old Cars
Pet Peeve:Going to class
Boy:Sam, Leon
Singer or Group:Paul Simon
Song:"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"
Drink:Not much
Hobby:Fixing up Model "A"s and "T"s
Favorite Hangout:Snack Shop
Saying or expression:Don't do that!
Most Embarrassing Moment:When we got caught gigging
Secret Desire:Collect all the rigs in the world
Future Plans:Get rich
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't get caught skipping.
Blain Loyd Hargis
Name:Loyd Blain Hargis
I Love:Farrah
Prized Possession:My Rig
Pet Peeve:Girls who think they are too good
Girl:Any that has looks
Boy:David H, Rodney R.
Singer or Group:Fog Head
Song:Slow Ride
Hobby:Hunting & Fishing
Pastime:Running Coyotes
Favorite Hangout:Where there is action
Saying or expression:Oh Really.
Most Embarrassing Moment:"She's talking about food, Boys"
Secret Desire:Make the best of life
Future Plans:Farm or work
Advice to Underclassmen:Get it while you can.
Tracy Hargis
Name:Tracy Niles Hargis
I Love:Censored
Prized Possession:Pickup Truck
Pet Peeve:
Boy:Hairless, Dick, "Lester Earnest", Dale
Class:Pool Hall Duty
Singer or Group:Goose Creek Symphony
Song:"Red Neck Mother"
Color:Pink is beautiful
Food:Fish & Chips
Hobby:Staying out of jail
Sport:Shooting snooker
Pastime:Flying high
Favorite Hangout:Hippie Holler
Saying or expression:Feel good
Most Embarrassing Moment:My life
Secret Desire:Become very rich
Future Plans:Leave Greenfield
Advice to Underclassmen:
Scott Hartley
Name:Scott Hartley
Nickname:Chet, AL Falfa
I Love:Kate and mountains
Prized Possession:My woman
Pet Peeve:People
Girl:Kate, Dodo
Boy:Legumes, Bennett, Bob, Stump-broke, Hog, Freak
Teacher:Pendergrass, Walker
Class:Bio II
Singer or Group:J.D., Goose Creek, Alman Bros., Mason Profit, O.M.D.
Song:"Blue Sky", "Busted Down Around O'Connally Corners", "Rush On Love"
Color:Late-night blue and violet
Drink:Cherry Kool-aid
Hobby:Raising rabbits
Sport:Anything outdoors
Pastime:Punching cattle at the Circle C Ranch
Favorite Hangout:Behind the barn at the Circle C
Saying or expression:How, hi are you?
Most Embarrassing Moment:I don't get embarrassed. Just mad, sad, and glad
Secret Desire:Live in the hills with my woman and make corn liquor
Future Plans:Get out and go underground
Advice to Underclassmen:Have a good time
Harold Hoffer
Harold did not have a Senior profile in the Wildcat.
Rodney Hollingsworth
Name:Rodney B. Hollingsworth
I Love:Mom & Dad
Prized Possession:Stereo, car
Pet Peeve:
Girl:Peggy, Kim
Boy:T.H., B.N., R.D.
Class:4th hour
Singer or Group:Grand Funk, Eagles
Song:"Get Back In", "Best of My Love"
Color:Purple, blue
Hobby:Riding with the heads
Sport:Football, fishing
Pastime:Pool Hall
Favorite Hangout:No one can find me
Saying or expression:
Most Embarrassing Moment:Going to school
Secret Desire:None
Future Plans:Get a job
Advice to Underclassmen:
Patricia Colleen Hudspeth
Name:Patricia Colleen Hudspeth
Nickname:Cookie, Cobel, Cooleen
I Love:Life, living, and Bobby Gene
Prized Possession:My chains (for rumbles) Band-aids, and Eggs
Pet Peeve:Giving demerits and Squint Eyes
Girl:Kristi, Chinese, Mogan, and Earl
Boy:Robert, Bill Mc., Vaseline, Bird
Teacher:Walker, D. Jackson, Goodale
Class:Band, Biological II, Bookkeeping
Singer or Group:Carpenters, America, Eagles, K.C. and Sunshine Band
Song:"Feelings", "You Are So Beautiful", "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"
Color:Blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, brown, white, green, Maroon, gold, and silver
Food:Fried chicken, steak, ham
Drink:7up, cherry 7up
Pastime:Being myself and not trying to be like everyone else
Favorite Hangout:Pilgrim, Missouri and The Business Headquarters
Saying or expression:Ta-Ta and Chow-Chow
Most Embarrassing Moment:Getting a ketscup-y hot dog thrown at me at Mass band. Also where it hit and stayed
Secret Desire:To become a star rumbler and squinter
Future Plans:To go on living
Advice to Underclassmen:Stay at your level and don't try to be old before it is time.
David Lynn Hughes
Name:David Lynn Hughes
Nickname:Hot Lips!
Prized Possession:My talking Gippy
Pet Peeve:People who run over dogs sitting on a porch
Girl:All of them
Boy:Blair, Rodney
Class:Vo Ag
Singer or Group:Chicago
Song:"I write the Songs"
Food:Fried Chicken
Favorite Hangout:Home
Saying or expression:Aw, Pshaw!
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I wrote about Raquel
Secret Desire:Be an Honorary Member of Honors Bench
Future Plans:Go to college
Advice to Underclassmen:Do the best you can before it's too late.
Mary Hull Turner
Name:Mary Ann Hull
Nickname:Walnut, Ralph
I Love:Life
Prized Possession:My Musical Pig!!!
Pet Peeve:Right handed people
Girl:Cindy, Mary, Dawn, Earl, Brenda(2), Pat
Boy:Kerry, Wilbur, Bill, Loren, and Frank
Teacher:Glenn, Walker
Class:Home Ec.
Singer or Group:Carpenters
Song:"Mr. Postman", "Blind man In the Bleachers"
Color:Blue and White
Food:Steak and pizza
Sport:Football!!!! Tennis
Pastime:Riding around
Favorite Hangout:In my Mustang
Saying or expression:"Ya gotta be kidding me!", "What's a good excuse?"
Most Embarrassing Moment:Coach Phillips teasing me about learning how to parallel park
Secret Desire:To see Scott T. and Brad S. eat enough peanut butter sandwiches that they couldn't say one single word for one whole day.
Future Plans:Go to college, graduate, and teach Home Ec.
Advice to Underclassmen:Enjoy school to the fullest 'cause it will be gone in no time.
Dawn Annette Keys Cole
Name:Dawn Annette Keys
I Love:Mom and Dad
Prized Possession:My Teddy Bear
Pet Peeve:Not being informed of what's going on
Girl:Earl, Mary W., Mary H.
Boy:Terry Sid, Doug, Bill Mc.
Teacher:Mean Marge Morrow and Mrs. Dodd
Class:Adv. Math
Singer or Group:John Denver, Carpenters
Song:"Don't Tell Me Goodnight"
Pastime:Discussing the price of hamburgers in Paris, Texas and other deep subjects
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:
Most Embarrassing Moment:Red Rover
Secret Desire:Become President of the U.S. and try my hand at straigtening out this world
Future Plans:College, then a career
Advice to Underclassmen:Avoid first year teachers; they're difficult to break in.


Sandra Lynn Martin Inman
Name:Sandra Lynn Martin
Nickname:Joopers, Far-in' Martin
I Love:John
Prized Possession:My rings and my Cadillac(I mean pick-up)
Pet Peeve:Rumors
Girl:Vicki, Lori, Gayle, Shirley, Susan, and Pam
Teacher:Stapp, Coach Phillips
Singer or Group:Shop
Song:"Sweet Love", "Slow Ride", and "Shout it Out"
Food:Cashew Chicken and Tacos
Drink:7-up and Wild Cherry Slush
Hobby:Refinishing old furniture
Sport:Tennis, Miniature golf, and broomhunting
Pastime:Looking for brooms
Favorite Hangout:The Lake
Saying or expression:"Oh, Phooey!"
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I started the wrong yell at one of our home Basketball games.
Secret Desire:To be rich and live happily ever after.
Future Plans:To work this summer and attend SMSU
Advice to Underclassmen:Keep looking toward tomorrow. It is almost always a better day.

Top Ten #6

Jerry Lee Maxwell
Name:Jerry L. Maxwell
Nickname:Pimpwell and Sexie Legs
I Love:You
Prized Possession:Money
Pet Peeve:Fairies and rednecks
Boy:Rick, Randy, Kenny, Harold, David
Teacher:Past experience
Singer or Group:Aerosmith
Song:"Toys in the Attic"
Color:Blonde or brunette
Food:Most anything
Hobby:Flying airplanes
Pastime:Flying High
Favorite Hangout:Car
Saying or expression:Man!
Most Embarrassing Moment:My Life
Secret Desire:Stay sane
Future Plans:Leave Dead County, or is that Dade Couny?t
Advice to Underclassmen:Get lost.
James Sidney McConnell
Name:James Sidney McConnell
I Love:Living
Prized Possession:My friends
Pet Peeve:Hypocrites
Teacher:Morrow, Walker
Class:All of them
Singer or Group:Chicago, Barry Manilow
Song:"I Am Music", "Fox On The Run"
Color:Brown, green
Food:Shrimp, ham
Sport:Whatever's in season
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:Oh Crud!
Most Embarrassing Moment:You'll never know
Secret Desire:Run a chinchilla ranch in Outer Mongolia
Future Plans:Attend University Of Missouri-Columbia
Advice to Underclassmen:This is the easiest time of your life; make the best of it. It doesn't last nearly as long as you think.

Top Ten #5

Sharon McKinney
Sharon did not have a Senior profile in the Wildcat.
Brenda Lynn Moody Richter
Name:Brenda Lynn Moody
I Love:Rodney
Prized Possession:My watch
Pet Peeve:Those who don't give others a chance
Teacher:Glenn and Doug Jackson
Singer or Group:Eagles, Captain and Tenille
Song:Our Day Will Come
Color:Blue and White
Sport:Football and basketball
Pastime:School activities
Favorite Hangout:Away from school
Saying or expression:"Oh Gosh!"
Most Embarrassing Moment:Everyday in advanced P.E.
Secret Desire:Get married some day and have three kids
Future Plans:To graduate
Advice to Underclassmen:Enjoy school while you can, it goes fast.
Kerry J. Murray
Name:Kerry Murray
I Love:I'll never tell
Prized Possession:My Camaro
Pet Peeve:The Vo-Tech bus ride
Girl:D.C., E.L., and the trio on Bus 7
Boy:K.S., D.H., J.M., R.S.
Teacher:Bob Roe
Class:Wood Butchering
Singer or Group:Hollies, CCR, Pink Floyd
Song:"One of These Days"
Color:Not since I was in grade school
Food:Almost anything except chicken
Drink:Not until this summer
Hobby:Going to drag races
Sport:Drag races
Pastime:Taking care of Mero
Favorite Hangout:The fire Side, The Store, and a Trailer
Saying or expression:Ask me if I care
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I melted Roe's Ohm Meter
Secret Desire:To visit Paris once in a while
Future Plans:Try to make it as a carpenter
Advice to Underclassmen:Try to confuse the teachers more than they already are.
Gary Dale Myers
Name:Gary Dale Myers
I Love:Darlene
Prized Possession:Class Ring
Pet Peeve:People who don't do what they say
Boy:Mike, Leslie, Tracy
Singer or Group:The Ohio Players
Song:"Love Rollercoaster"
Hobby:Doing something
Sport:Riding a motorcycle
Pastime:Doing nothing
Favorite Hangout:Laugh In or D.I.
Saying or expression:None
Most Embarrassing Moment:Too Embarrasing to tell
Secret Desire:If I told it wouldn't be a secret
Future Plans:Get a job
Advice to Underclassmen:Have fun while you can.
Earlene Elizabeth Reeves
Name:Earlene Elizabeth Reeves
Nickname:Earl the Pearl
I Love:Having fun
Prized Possession:My little guru
Pet Peeve:People who spend too much of their time talking without taking enough time to listen
Girl:Pam, Colleen, Dawn, Annie
Boy:Terry, Paul, Scott
Teacher:Goodale, DePriest
Class:Drama, Bookeeping, Journalism
Singer or Group:Barry Manilow
Song:"Inseparable", "Midnight Blues", "If", "I wish You Peace"
Color:Blue, Green, Tangerine, Maroon
Food:Barbecued spare ribs and strawberry cheese cake, banana nut bread
Drink:Strawberry Kool-aid, Orangeade
Hobby:Playing tennis, bicycling and sewing
Sport:Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball
Pastime:Picking bananas on Pam's plantation
Favorite Hangout:At Granny's house
Saying or expression:"Don't fool with the cool 'cause the cool don't fool"
Most Embarrassing Moment:At The Lockwood Tournement when I started turning white.
Secret Desire:To be coach of the Olympic Volleyball Team
Future Plans:To go to college and then marry a tall Texan and live on his ranch
Advice to Underclassmen:Make the most of your days in school because they will be some of the happiest moments of your life.

Top Ten #4

Rodney Mark Richter
Name:Rodney Mark Richter
I Love:Brenda
Prized Possession:My pickup
Pet Peeve:People who think that they're better than others
Class:Advanced P.E.
Singer or Group:Jim Croce
Song:"Time in a Bottle"
Food:Mom's good cooking
Drink:Chocolate milk
Hobby:Sports, hunting, and relaxing
Sport:Basketball, football, track, tennis
Pastime:Driving around in my pickup
Favorite Hangout:Locker room
Saying or expression:"Oh Shoot"
Most Embarrassing Moment:Too many to count
Secret Desire:To do the things I really want to do in life
Future Plans:To graduate and get a job
Advice to Underclassmen:Always do the best you can, and try to do things better than you did before
Ricky Joseph Riener
Name:Ricky Joseph Reiner
I Love:Carol
Prized Possession:My car
Pet Peeve:People who try to act cool
Boy:Mark, Sam, Sid, Paul
Teacher:Walker, Jackson
Class:Biology II, S.H.
Singer or Group:Eagles, Chicago
Song:"One of These Nights", "Just You and Me"
Color:Blue, Gold
Drink:Dr. Pepper
Hobby:Playing tennis
Sport:Tennis, Basketball
Pastime:Driving to Springfield
Favorite Hangout:Carol's house
Saying or expression:Oh Bull!
Most Embarrassing Moment:Losing my pants in 6th hour P.E.
Secret Desire:To be rich and famous
Future Plans:To go and finish college
Advice to Underclassmen:Be yourself; you will have more fun that way.

Top Ten #10

Doug Sexton
Name:Lewis Douglass Sexton
Nickname:Red Clover
I Love:My family and my loved one
Prized Possession:My car
Pet Peeve:Some people
Boy:Legume Brothers
Teacher:Roach, Phillips
Class:3rd Hour Art
Singer or Group:Elton John, Eagles
Song:Take it to the limit
Color:Midnight Metallic Blue
Drink:A Quencher
Sport:Fotball, Track
Pastime:Roaming the dark alleys at Greenfield with my fellow comrade
Favorite Hangout:Dade County Chicken Farm
Saying or expression:Aye!!!
Most Embarrassing Moment:To drive around in our Legume Limousine
Secret Desire:
Future Plans:College
Advice to Underclassmen:Take advantage of all opportunities

Top Ten #8

Rick Shouse
Rick did not have a Senior profile in the Wildcat.
Pamela Sue Snow Chism
Name:Pamela Sue Snow
Nickname:Choo-choo, Polly Sue
I Love:My family, and having good friends
Prized Possession:My rings
Pet Peeve:People that talk too much
Girl:Earlene, Colleen
Boy:Kenny, David, all the Senior guys
Teacher:Walker, Phillips, Jackson
Class:2nd and 4th hour study hall
Singer or Group:Chicago, Bread, and Captain and Tenille
Song:"Wishing You Were Here", "If", and "Lonely Nights"
Color:Blue, maroon
Food:Grandma's fried chicken
Hobby:Sewing, bike-riding and tennis
Sport:Football, volleyball, track
Pastime:Writing a lot of letters
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:Do what!
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I dropped my plate in the lunchroom.
Secret Desire:To become a famous fashion designer
Future Plans:Work and maybe do some traveling
Advice to Underclassmen:Eat bananas all you can.
Melvin Keith Spain
Name:Melvin Keith Spain
Nickname:I've been called lots of things
I Love:Life
Prized Possession:Car
Pet Peeve:People who think they are tops in everything
Boy:K.M. and R.S.
Singer or Group:Tommy James and the Shondels
Food:Anything that tastes good
Pastime:Just cruising around
Favorite Hangout:Work
Saying or expression:What
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I fell at the skating rink and my pants ripped from the knee up.
Secret Desire:Leave Greenfield
Future Plans:Leave Greenfield
Advice to Underclassmen:Hang on, it will be over soon enough.
Belinda Ann Tabone Aytes
Name:Belinda Tabone
Nickname:Big Dummy
I Love:Life and its enjoyments
Prized Possession:My diary
Pet Peeve:People who think they are better than others
Girl:Betty, Bonnie, Sharon, Michele, Sissy
Boy:A certain one!
Teacher:Mrs. Goodale, Snapper
Singer or Group:Jim Croce, Dicky Lee
Song:"Rocky", "Time in a Bottle"
Color:Dark Blue
Drink:Wish I had some!
Hobby:Drawing, and just messing around causing trouble
Sport:All kinds
Pastime:Listening to Barbara talk about Condor and Tom and always trying to get out of class (right Sharon)
Favorite Hangout:I'll never tell!
Saying or expression:Oh, Bull?
Most Embarrassing Moment:When Suzanne ran off with someone else's shopping cart and I had to take it back
Secret Desire:To graduate
Future Plans:Leave home and have a good time
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't talk back to the teachers (or you are in for it) And hang-in there, you are almost through.
Brad Taylor
Name:Bradford Lee Taylor
I Love:Special Friends
Prized Possession:My Squaw and Pick-up truck
Pet Peeve:The Local Law Enforcement
Girl:Vicki B.
Boy:Sam, Joe R., Doug, Terry, Mife F., and George
Teacher:Phillips, Carlock, Stapp
Singer or Group:Journalism
Song:"Money Honey"
Hobby:Trading cars
Favorite Hangout:Outskirts of Everton
Saying or expression:Oh! Brother!
Most Embarrassing Moment:Passing out in the lunch line
Secret Desire:To go to class, I've often wondered what it was like
Future Plans:Settle down and raise some future Wildcat linemen.
Advice to Underclassmen:Give it all you got while you can.
Paul Poindexter Walters
Name:Paul P. Walters
Nickname:Les Padeza, Walt, Hap
I Love:Being Myself
Prized Possession:My pet beaver
Pet Peeve:Anybody that pulls my hair
Girl:Cheri (all senior girls)
Boy:Legume brothers, Biff, Tennis men, McNeel Brothers, Jim, Bird, Dave, George
Teacher:All of them, especially "snapp"
Singer or Group:Ag, typing, study hall, drame, English IV, sociology
Food:Canadian Bacon Pizza, steak
Drink:Light or dark milk from one of those weird cows
Hobby:Either play practice or making trips to Columbia
Sport:Basketball, football, tennis
Pastime:Practicing up for the snooker championship of the world
Favorite Hangout:3rd hour sunkist
Saying or expression:What's happenin' big time?
Most Embarrassing Moment:Julio Greaser, played the "Fonz" in a skit.
Secret Desire:To become a tour guide and purposely tell Snap the wrong place to go.
Future Plans:To go to SMSU and become a sod buster
Advice to Underclassmen:Never get on anyone's bad side
Mary Ann White
Name:Mary Ann White
Nickname:If I have one, I don't know it or wouldn't admit it.
I Love:My monkey
Prized Possession:My car (Whenever I get one)
Pet Peeve:People who don't understand, and don't try to
Girl:Dawn, Mary, Earl, Debbie
Boy:Bill, Wilbur, Sid, Terry?
Teacher:Walker, Dodd, Morrow
Class:Third hour
Singer or Group:Elton John, B.T.O., Bad Company
Song:"Rainy Day People", "Evil Woman", "My Little Town", "Island Girl"
Color:Dark blues and violets
Food:Onion rings, Pizza
Hobby:Watching my fingernails grow
Pastime:Getting by
Favorite Hangout:The top branch of the old oak tree out by the woods pond
Saying or expression:"Man, this is crazy"
Most Embarrassing Moment:It's a three way tie between the incident at Science fair, an accident in Journalsm, and full time in drama
Secret Desire:Sail a one-person sloop around the world
Future Plans:Go to college, become rich and famous
Advice to Underclassmen:Hang in there, you might make it.

Top Ten #3

Samuel Lyle Wilson
Name:Sam Lyle Wilson
I Love:FUN
Prized Possession:Life
Pet Peeve:People with expanded heads
Singer or Group:Legume Brothers
Song:"There's a Weed in My Alfalfa Patch"
Hobby:Staying Active
Sport:All of 'em
Pastime:Riding around
Favorite Hangout:Arcola
Saying or expression:Forget it, Nothin'
Most Embarrassing Moment:When Sexton pulled my gym shorts down at a class meeting
Secret Desire:Become rich and tour the world
Future Plans:Try to take life easy
Advice to Underclassmen:Try to make the best of school while you're there. (Take a day off once in a while)
Patricia Wooldridge
Name:Patricia Ann Wooldridge
Nickname:Hickey Woman, Peanut Butter
I Love:Mark
Prized Possession:My ring
Pet Peeve:O.D.P. and undeserving people
Girl:Lori, Carol, Earl, Gayle and "Cricket", Cheri, Kristi
Boy:Mark (and all the other guys), C.D. too
Teacher:Coach Jackson, Mrs. Morrow, Mrs. Dodd
Class:4th hour study hall and English 4
Singer or Group:Barry Manilow
Song:"I write the Songs"
Color:Blue, burgundy
Food:Steak, cashew chicken, brown beans and cornbread
Drink:Cherry Pepsi
Hobby:Worrying about the "little things"
Sport:Volleyball, basketball, tennis and "checkers"
Pastime:Watching tennis practice with C.M.
Favorite Hangout:The Resort, Farm or any one of my other hideaways
Saying or expression:"I'm sorry" and "Up your nose!"
Most Embarrassing Moment:When my grocery cart got caught in the doorway during the play "Anybody Out There"
Secret Desire:To have long fingernails and curly hair, and weigh 98 pounds
Future Plans:Go to nurses' training and hope that I make it
Advice to Underclassmen:Make the most of what you've got and don't be afraid of improvement. It couldn't hurt.