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Left Wildcat Class Of 1976 -- NOW

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Right Wildcat

Blankenburg, Carol
Boucher, Betty
Brooks, Terry
Carter, Brenda
Cooper, Brenda
Cornelius, Lori
Crawford, Vicki
Crowell, Cindy
Davis, Mark

Dickinson, Randy
Dill, Donny
Dodd, Harvey
Hargis, Blain
Hargis, Tracy
Hartley, Scott
Hoffer, Harold
Hollingsworth, Rodney
Hudspeth, Colleen
Hughes, David
Hull, Mary

Keys, Dawn
Martin, Sandi
Maxwell, Jerry
McConnell, James
McKinney, Sharon
Moody, Brenda
Murray, Kerry
Myers, Gary
Reeves, Earlene
Riener, Rick
Richter, Rodney

Sexton, Doug
Shouse, Rick
Snow, Pam
Spain, Keith
Tabone, Belinda
Taylor, Brad
Walters, Paul
White, Mary
Wilson, Sam
Wooldridge, Patti

This page is dedicated to the Class of 1976 as they are NOW!!

*NEW* Info on Harold Hoffer and Rick Reiner!!

Carol Blankenburg Hahn After graduating from Drury College in Springfield and from the University of Missouri at Columbia, Carol was stricken with wanderlust. She has lived in Florida (where she was Chief of the Vocational Rehabilitation Department at the Veteran's Hospital), in New Hampshire, and in South Dakota. Currently she's a Texan.

In Florida she met and married Keith Hahn and started a family. Carol has some of youngest children of our classmates: Emily is 6, Matthew is 4, and Paul is 2, so the births of the children have been her most exciting events in the last few years. She won't be in grandmother status for a long time. Carol is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and doing all the things like hiking, reading, and field trips that one does with a young family.

Looking back Carol remembers the football games and wishes she had gone to college right out of high school rather than two years later. She sees returning to work at least part-time in the future while raising her children and planning a retirement with Keith. Her message to us: "Wish I could have seen you at the reunion. Would love to hear from you by e-mail."

Betty Carol Boucher Died in 1978 in a car/train wreck.
Terry Brooks Terry has settled in Columbia, where he teaches Honors Chemistry at Hickman High School. He got his first taste of Columbia when he went to the University of Missouri there. Now his wife Vicki is from Mount Vernon, Ohio, and I am not sure how he met her. Together they have three children. Lisa is 13, John is 9, and Adam is just 3. Needless to say, the birth of Adam was the big event for the Brooks family in the last five years.

While Terry has traveled as far away from Greenfield as Anchorage, Alaska, he still remembers the good times with good friends at GHS. Especially football, basketball, track, the drama plays, and the teachers to name a few things. He sees himself continuing to teach until the children are through college and since Adam is 3, yes, he knows he will be real old before he retires. Learn to appreciate the blessings God has given him at an earlier stage in life is the one thing he would do differently. "I would love to see you all at the next reunion.!"


Brenda Sue Carter

Top Ten #9

Brenda Sue Cooper McGill Brenda is hapily working as a secretary at Southwest Baptist University. She works for three departments, College of Science and Mathematics, Communication Arts, and Athletic Training, so she stays busy. When she finds some spare time she enjoys cross stiching, quilting, woodcrafts, and going to craft festivals. She is looking for some baby items because she had a grandson, Clinton Allen, born September 13, thanks to her oldest son Curtis and his wife Charity. So between their marriage three years ago and baby Clinton Allen, Brenda has had an exciting last few years. Curtis at 21, Brandon at 18, Dustin at 13, and husband Dennis McGill complete Brenda's family.

Brenda remembers those fun trips for Drum Corp and those wonderful gym classes with Bob Jackson from GHS. Starting over again, she would have followed her dream to be a cosmetologist but for right now she sees a future with (hopefully) lots of grandbabies.

She hopes each of us reached our life goals and are healthy and happy. "I have a great husband of 24 years, and three sons, one daughter-in-law, and one grandbaby--all are healthy. Can't ask for more than that. Write me or drop an e-mail and we'll get reacquainted. My best to each of you."

Top Ten #7

Lori Jayne Cornelius Kosma Since Lori attended Cox School of Radiology along with Southwest Missouri State University, we aren't surprised that she and her husband Dale own a mobile x-ray company. They can go to a nursing home, for example, and do the radiology work without the elderly person having to be transported all over Springfield. Lori has a mixed family: three step children who are Todd - 30, Kara - 28, and Greg - 25, while daughter Amber is only 19. Plus all three stepchildren are married so there are four small grandchildren. So with a business and a growing family Lori and Dale stay busy. Lori does find time to do stained glass work and they found time to take a Carribean cruise.

Lori sees more education in her future along with travel, family times, and of course work. She remembers lots of fun times and good friends at Greenfield. She wants everyone to know that it was nice to see old friends at the reunion and feels it was too bad that some stayed away and didn't get to share the experience.

Vicki Ann Crawford Davis Vicki is the proud owner and operator of one of Greenfield's institutions -- Red's Drive In. Under various names it has been the spot to go to as long as can be remembered for good cheeseburgers and shakes. Keeping up that good reputation plus being on the Chamber of Commerce and Greenfield's Booster Club keeps her busy. She also keeps up with Heather, who at 19 is attending Missouri Southern State College in Joplin, and Hannah who is 16 and a junior at GHS. She has managed to get away from work on trips such as to Florida, but as anyone running a business knows, it takes a lot of planning to take a vacation.

She encourages everyone to attend the next reunion as she really enjoyed visiting with all those that did come this year.

Cynthia Lee Crowell Died from cancer.
Kristi Luanne Crutcher Wilson Kristi has requested privacy. Let us wish her health and happiness.
Mark Davis Mark and his wife Stephani own Domestic Management Services, Inc. They do home repairs, cleaning, and landscaping, plus do some commercial accounts. In their spare time, they enjoy the Mountain Ducks (local baseball team), taking care of their farm, 4-wheeling, and backyard parties. Stephani is a 1976'er from Billings, MO, with two daughters: Robyn - 18, and Rachael - 16. Mark also has Heather -19, and Hannah - 16. The recent big event in the Davis household was Heather's graduation last year.

Mark remembers the good friends and times of football games and school plays from high school. He wishes he could have grown up in Greenfield and stayed in college when he was in it. Currently he and his family are putting a lot of time into the 7 1/2 acres they have off of CC highway by the lake. A barn has been put up and a fruit orchard is being established with the goal of building a house in the next few years there and getting settled into the community.

Mark wants everyone to know that he has lots of dirt on Paul and Doug. And he can be bought!!!

Randall Lee Dickinson After attending Pittsburg State University, Randy settled into Pittsburg and currently works in sales. He is married to Beverly H. Willis and they have a 17 year old daughter named Danielle. In the past five years they uprooted the household to move to a new home outside Pittsburg by the Christmas Tree Farm. He has travelled as far north as the Northern Territory of Canada, and frankly that would remind me of Christmas up there.

Randy remembers "all of the very friendly people" at GHS and really enjoyed his time at the school. He forsees a long life and grandchildren in his future.

Donny Dill Donny is thought to be living in the Lockwood area, but there has been no response to mailings.
Harvey Dodd Harvey is living east of Arcola and running a farm. When he gets the chance he likes to ride his scooter and to go hunting. If you read The Vedette, you may have seen pictures of his trophies in the paper. He married Susan Shaw from Greenfield and they have four children. Amanda Renae is 13 and like her dad, already an accomplished hunter. Next are the twins Jessica Faye and Issac Ray who are 8. Finally is little Sawyer Clay who as of July was 20 months old. Sawyer gave them quite a bit of excitement when he was born. Apparently he was eager to get here and they only got to the hospital 40 minutes before he arrived.

What Harvey remembers best from high school is the day Sam injured his fingers in shop. I think we all remember that day and our fear when one of us was hurt.

Blain Loyd Hargis Blain has stayed close to his roots in the Greenfield area. He runs a farm in the area and he drives for the Greenfield Ready Mix plant. He is married to Gena and they have a seven year old son named Chase. Blain has done some traveling though; recently he has been to Colorado. I hope it was in the summer and he escaped the Missouri heat.

Blain remembers high school quite well. He especially remembers Mrs. Carlock and recalls when Mary White got mad at him and slapped him in Mrs. Carlock's class.

Tracy Hargis Tracy can still be found around Greenfield though he has been as far away as Hawaii. In fact I saw him in the Buffalo Day parade this spring driving a team of horses. Since he is a farmer who raises cattle and horses, driving a team may be a common occurance for him. Tracy is married to Mindy Noad and they have two children. Dalton is 10 and little Abigail is only 1 and a half years old. Of course she was the big event of the last few years. He enjoys doing things with his kids such as swimming and horseback riding. I bet Abigail loves those wagon rides with her dad.

What would Tracy do if he had to do life all over? Well, yes, stay out of prison. He does remember partying when he was in high school and, even though he sees himself getting to be an old man, still thinks a certain amount of fun is good for people. So his advice is to loosen up and try to be happy -- for real.

Scott Hartley Died in a car wreck in 1982.
Harold Hoffer *NEW* Harold is living in Greenfield, and has his own business. He runs Hoffer Deep Well Pump Sales and Service and Drilling. He is married and has a young child.
Rodney Hollingsworth No one had an address for Rodney.
Patricia Colleen Hudspeth Wolfe Colleen was last known to be married and living in Pittsburg, Kansas.
David Lynn Hughes David is thought to be living in the Dade county area.
Mary Ann Hull Turner Mary supervises the technical training department for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. She attended and graduated from Southwest Baptist University and still is involved in church activities. Her hobbies also include counted cross stitch, sewing, and reading. Her husband is Bill Turner and he was also from Greenfield. They have an eleven year old son named Andrew. He has provided the excitement for the past few years along with a trip to Hawaii.

Going to the football and basketball games and driving around (and around and around!) the square are two memories she holds from GHS. She would love to hear from everyone so drop her a line or call.

Dawn Annette Keys Cole After Dawn graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia, she did some globe-trotting. She lived in Beruit, Lebanon, for a while and traveled as far away as Amman, Jordan, from Greenfield. Eventually she was in Texas but for the last several years she and her family have been in Tennessee. Her family consists of husband Jerry Cole and three children. Melinda is 16, Thaddeus is 11, and Lydia is 7. Dawn's hobby is making Creative Memories scrapbooks and I am sure the children are a major inspiration for that. Probably there is also one from her and Jerry's trip to Amsterdam in 1998. That sounds so romantic.


Sandra Lynn Martin Inman Sandi is enjoying being a part-time payroll officer and a full-time mom to Jeff - 10 and Scott - 3. The birth of Scott and a move into a bigger house recently are the most exciting things to happen in the last few years to Sandi and her husband Mike. While Sandi has only lived as far away from Greenfield as Brookside in Kansas City, she has taken some lengthy trips. Switzerland is certainly a long ways from Greenfield.

Sandi remembers fondly the companionship she had with members of the class of '76, mostly the girls. She wishes she had concentrated more in class and had settled on a specific career. Since it is certainly not too late to establish a career, she does see herself in the future as not only raising her sons, but perhaps also going to University of Missouri at Kansas City for dental school. Everyone who didn't go to the reunion missed a good one, in her opinion, but the 30 year one will be even better.

Top Ten #6

Jerry Lee Maxwell Died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
James Sidney McConnell Sid and wife Kathy came to the reunion. Kathy taught at GHS so she was happy to view the building and renew old ties. Sid visited a long time and mentioned they have school-age children and currently live in Niangua, MO.

Top Ten #5

Sharon McKinney Died from cancer.
Sharon's page.
Brenda Lynn Moody Richter Brenda is still married to Rodney. They are proof that high school sweethearts can make a good marriage. They live around South Greenfield and she works for Citizens Bank. I (Mary) visited with her there in April and learned they have children reaching adulthood. One daughter was engaged to be married.
Kerry J. Murray Kerry saw quite a bit of the country as a construction superintendent, such as San Antonio and Montreal Quebec, but finally settled down near Kansas City. That is where he married Rachel and started having boys. Three to be exact: Jacob Ryan and Austin Travis will both be 5 in August, and Tanner Logan will be 4 in August. Certainly the births of the twins and then Tanner were the big events of the past five years and still the major consumer of time outside of work.

He remembers riding the Vo-Tech bus and the friendships he made in school. He is content with the choices he made after school, choosing to work and travel before settling down to raise a family. Seeing what the boys will become in the future is exciting to him and he and Rachel are trying their best to give them a good start. As far as to the rest of us, he hopes to have a better attendance at the reunions and to keep in touch with old friends. He wishes us good health and hopes to see everyone at Number 30.

Gary Dale Myers Gary passed away from cancer in 2000.

More info on Gary's page.

Earlene Elizabeth Reeves Earlene has made a career from teaching and is working for the Kansas City Missouri School District. To get her degree and to keep abreast of the education field she has attended Southwest Missouri State, Rockhurst, (near Kansas City), and University of Missouri at Kansas City. She has two children. Daughter Veronica is 15, well into the teen years. James is only 9. If there is any time left between work and children, Earlene likes to read, to sew, to attend volleyball, basketball, and football games, plus to be active in her church's youth group. She did find time to wedge in a trip to New York City in the last few years where she spent Christmas.

Looking back she wishes she had gotten more involved in civic and political activities. Looking to the future, she sees retirement after her teaching career. But no sitting idle for Earlene; she sees a second career in real estate.

Top Ten #4

Rodney Mark Richter Rodney and Brenda are still together. He works at running a farm in South Greenfield. By now he is either a father-in-law or about to be one as one child was engaged in the spring.
Ricky Joseph Riener *NEW from Rick* In 78, I moved to St. Louis finished college, receiving degrees in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. I then began a career in law enforcement. After 8 eventful years as a police officer, I moved to Houston, Texas and went to work for Shell Oil in corporate security. I have been with Shell since 1989. I also own a General Contracting Business in home construction and remodeling. Between these two, I keep quite busy. I now live in Santa Fe, which is about 10 minutes from the City of Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico.

Along the way I have had three kids, with the oldest being 18 and youngest 12. After 18 years of marriage, I went through a divorce a few years ago. Of course being a glutton for punishment, I recently re-married and now have two more kids in the family.

I would be more than happy to communicate with anyone who wished to. With the invention of e-mail, this seems to be a great way to get caught up on what is going on.

Top Ten #10

Doug Sexton Doug and his wife rolled up to the reunion on a motorcycle. They live near Mt. Vernon, MO, and were just switching job focus this summer. They are now youth ministers for a church located between Miller and Mt. Vernon. Both were very excited about this new chapter in their family's life. Their own children will also have much involvement in the ministry.

Top Ten #8

Rick Shouse Rick has been busy building things for the last 25 years. First, up until 1997 he did commercial and residential construction, after 1997 he has worked as an electrician. He also built a family. He is married to Gerri Anderson from Cameron, MO. He has a stepdaughter Angie who is 25, daughters Melinda at 20, Amanda at 15, and Melissa at 14. He also is starting on the next generation and had two grandsons born June 3rd and June 24th. Of course becoming a grandpa was wonderful.

Rick remembers simple, good times and friends while in high school. For the future he sees grandchildren, a quiet life (has he forgotten what it is like to have small children around?), time to fish, and to enjoy family and friends.

Pamela Sue Snow Chism We think Pam is married and living near Stockton. Does this mean she has become a Stockton Tigers fan? Let's hope she is still a Wildcat deep in her heart.
Melvin Keith Spain Keith works for Dairy Farmers of America based in Springfield in the Maintenance department. He is married to Sharon and they have three children: Tiffany - 19, Brandon - 16, and Jason -13. The main activities for the family evolve around the children. On weekends Keith watches his son participate in rodeo. The big events of the last two years has been watching Tiffany's volleyball team win Districts two years in a row. While he didn't specify where, Keith has lived as far away as 1100 miles and traveled 1500 miles away.

He is happy with life and wouldn't do anything differently. What he wants in the future are lots of happy years with his lovely wife. He does want the class to know this: "Put God first. Let him handle things for you."

Belinda Ann Tabone Aytes Belinda is a new bride. She married Alan Aytes December 8, 2000, and yes, this was one of her most exciting events of the past five years. The other was the birth of her grandson Kenneth three years ago. She has three children: Angelia - 21, married and mother of Kenneth, Jonna - 17, Carissa - 12; and three stepchildren: Cindy - 18, DeWayne - 17, and Misty - 15.

Belinda attended Ft. Scott Community College and that is the furthest she has lived from Greenfield. Currently she works as an RN Consultant for Northport Health Services which is involved with nursing homes for the state of Missouri. For fun she gardens, goes boating, and travels. She remembers graduation and the friends that she had in school and would do nothing differently because she has learned a lot about life. In the future she sees a long and happy life and intends to finish her bachelor's degree in nursing.

Her message to the class: "Live for today as tomorrows may never come." She really wished she could have attended the reunion but had only been released from the hospital three days following major surgery. So we wish her great health, a happy new marriage, and to see her next time.

Brad Taylor Brad and his wife Kim keep busy raising cattle and selling real estate for Century21. If you ever want to relocate to Dade County, give them a call. Brad and Kim have three children: Brandon - 18, Brittany - 15, and Jordan - 10. Brad still loves to watch the local sports teams and no wonder. His son Brandon plays football and has gone on to State two years (beat Stockton two years straight!). These have been the most exciting events in Brad's life in the past five years.

Of course Brad's memory of GHS involves football. He has a strong memory of Terry crying in the huddle of a game because they didn't block. He didn't mention which game but it must have been one of the big ones.

Brad's what to do over or differently: "Never drink or chase wild women. Well, maybe never drink." He sees work in his future but he does have a message to us all: "I'm sorry!" (Maybe an apology for not coming to the reunion.)

Paul Poindexter Walters Paul went to SMSU and received a bachelor's of science degree. He has gone on to own and operate a farm named "Double Diamonds Farm" specializing in crops and cattle. You should remember his wife Cheri from high school as she is just one year younger than us. Paul and Cheri get away from Greenfield every so often. One of their longer trips was to Florida.

They have three lovely children. Hannah is a senior at GHS (Hurray for the class of 2002!). Jena is a sophmore also at GHS. Just starting a career at Greenfield is Ali, who just started kindergarten. With two girls in school activities, Paul finds himself spending a lot of time watching and cheering on the home teams. The older girls already show Paul and Cheri's athletic ability as their cheerleading squad has won First Place in State 1A High School Cheerleading.

Mary Ann White Mary is currently working in the Quality Assurance unit for the Missouri Division of Family Services after working in the Claims and Collections unit for seven years. She lives in the middle of Kansas City near the Westport area, a very different world than that of Arcola. Her most exciting event of the past five years was a trip to Niagra Falls in 1998. She rode the boat "Maid of the Mist" right into the Horseshoe Falls. The thunderous roar of water and swirling clouds of mist that soaked the riders were wonderful. Her most frustrating recent experience: buying a home computer that doesn't have the same software as the computer at work.

She recalls the misadventures of Walker's science class very well, realizing even then that the hard sciences were not in her future. So she attended Southwest Baptist College and Central Missouri State University for degrees in English and Sociology. In the future she hopes to progress in her job with the state and retire young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it. However, "enjoying life right now is vital cause no one knows what tomorrow will be like." She regrets not keeping in touch with people as much as she should have.

Top Ten #3

Samuel Lyle Wilson Sam has requested privacy. Let us wish him health and happiness.
Patricia Wooldridge Patti attended Drury College and then Burge School of Nursing and has been a registered nurse since 1979. Currently she is working per diem for Cox Monett in Medicine, Surgery, and Emergengy Room. She is active in several nursing organizations and the Ozarks Blues Society. For the past 22 years she has been married to Randall Ray Nash from St. Joseph, MO. Together they had three children. Kayla JoAnn is 19 and attending Missouri Southern State College. Gina RayAnn is 18 and just graduated from high school. Jonathan David is 14.

Patti has lived in Bartlesville, OK, and traveled to Orlando, Seattle, and Baltimore. Sounds like some exciting trips. But nothing to the recent big event in Patti's life. Patti helped deliver her first grandchild on August 8 this year (2001). Gina RayAnn had a healthy 8 lb. 1 oz. boy named Benjamin Alexander. It was a reunion of sorts in the delivery room as the same doctor had delivered all three of Patti's children.

Looking back at GHS, she remembers spending lots of good times with Mark and Lori. She would have put off marriage instead of marrying the day after graduating from nursing school. Looking to the future she hopes to rekindle old friendships and make some new ones. Enjoying her children and grandchildren will be a top priority also. She urges classmates to come to the next reunion and to write to her.