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Name:Vicki Ann Crawford
Nickname:Little Red, Sticky
I Love:Life and all the good times
Prized Possession:My car
Pet Peeve:Curfews and people who spit
Girl:Sandi, Susan, Pam, Shirley, Gayle and Lori
Boy:Most of 'em except the ones that spit!
Teacher:Coach Phillips
Singer or Group:Shop
Song:"Sweet Love", "Danny's Song", "Colour My World"
Food:Toastados, Steak
Hobby:Making rocking chairs and giant toy boxes
Sport:Volleyball and softball
Pastime:Riding around, getting in trouble for driving during school and working for Coach Phillips
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:"Oh boogers!"
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Secret Desire:To always be happy and be rich
Future Plans:Go to SMSU
Advice to Underclassmen:Make plans in advance for college so you won't be so confused your last few weeks of school.