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Tracy Hargis Tracy can still be found around Greenfield though he has been as far away as Hawaii. In fact I saw him in the Buffalo Day parade this spring driving a team of horses. Since he is a farmer who raises cattle and horses, driving a team may be a common occurance for him. Tracy is married to Mindy Noad and they have two children. Dalton is 10 and little Abigail is only 1 and a half years old. Of course she was the big event of the last few years. He enjoys doing things with his kids such as swimming and horseback riding. I bet Abigail loves those wagon rides with her dad.

What would Tracy do if he had to do life all over? Well, yes, stay out of prison. He does remember partying when he was in high school and, even though he sees himself getting to be an old man, still thinks a certain amount of fun is good for people. So his advice is to loosen up and try to be happy -- for real.