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Sandra Lynn Martin
Name:Sandra Lynn Martin
Nickname:Joopers, Far-in' Martin
I Love:John
Prized Possession:My rings and my Cadillac(I mean pick-up)
Pet Peeve:Rumors
Girl:Vicki, Lori, Gayle, Shirley, Susan, and Pam
Teacher:Stapp, Coach Phillips
Singer or Group:Shop
Song:"Sweet Love", "Slow Ride", and "Shout it Out"
Food:Cashew Chicken and Tacos
Drink:7-up and Wild Cherry Slush
Hobby:Refinishing old furniture
Sport:Tennis, Miniature golf, and broomhunting
Pastime:Looking for brooms
Favorite Hangout:The Lake
Saying or expression:"Oh, Phooey!"
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I started the wrong yell at one of our home Basketball games.
Secret Desire:To be rich and live happily ever after.
Future Plans:To work this summer and attend SMSU
Advice to Underclassmen:Keep looking toward tomorrow. It is almost always a better day.