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Name:Mark Allen Davis
Nickname:Zark, Tiger, Zarko
I Love:Patti
Prized Possession:My charming and witty personality
Pet Peeve:No, I've never had a pet named "Peeve"
Girl:Patti (and all other girls)
Boy:Paul, Doug, Scott, Joe
Teacher:Mrs. Glenn
Singer or Group:Eagles
Song:"Money, Honey"
Food:Ham, brown beans
Drink:Kansas water
Hobby:My car
Pastime:Preaching on the hazards of smoking
Favorite Hangout:Resort, Food Blair
Saying or expression:I don't know
Most Embarrassing Moment:Any time i'm around Joe McNeel
Secret Desire:To find out what makes Joe's cars run so good
Future Plans:Go to college, Yale, Harvard, or S.M.S.
Advice to Underclassmen:Make sure the 8th graders are always clean. Give 'em a shower.