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Name:Lori Jayne Cornelius
Nickname:Lois Lane, Squint, Quake and Cory Lane
I Love:Living, being free, sharing good times and close friends
Prized Possession:Memories and a gift from a special friend
Pet Peeve:People who can't accept me the way I am instead of the way they want me to be
Girl:Patti, Carol and Vicki
Boy:Most of 'em
Teacher:Mrs. Morrow, Coach Jackson, Mrs. Dodd and Mr. Walker
Class:4th hr Study Hall and English 4
Singer or Group:Barry Manilow and John Denver
Song:"I write the songs", "Mandy", "Feelings", and "Dream Weaver"
Food:Cashew chicken, egg rolls, steak and eggs, and Honey Bear brownies
Drink:Pepsi float
Hobby:Watching Robert Redford movies
Sport:Miniature golf and swimming
Pastime:Reasoning out things and playing with Kenny and Bruce
Favorite Hangout:The lake
Saying or expression:Way to Go-Pro
Most Embarrassing Moment:Getting caught by a boat while swimming in the moonlight
Secret Desire:To always be happy
Future Plans:Move to Springfield and attend Cox School of Radiologic Technology
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't give up when you're feeling down, live each day to its fullest and enjoy life while you can