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Name:Kerry Murray
I Love:I'll never tell
Prized Possession:My Camaro
Pet Peeve:The Vo-Tech bus ride
Girl:D.C., E.L., and the trio on Bus 7
Boy:K.S., D.H., J.M., R.S.
Teacher:Bob Roe
Class:Wood Butchering
Singer or Group:Hollies, CCR, Pink Floyd
Song:"One of These Days"
Color:Not since I was in grade school
Food:Almost anything except chicken
Drink:Not until this summer
Hobby:Going to drag races
Sport:Drag races
Pastime:Taking care of Mero
Favorite Hangout:The fire Side, The Store, and a Trailer
Saying or expression:Ask me if I care
Most Embarrassing Moment:When I melted Roe's Ohm Meter
Secret Desire:To visit Paris once in a while
Future Plans:Try to make it as a carpenter
Advice to Underclassmen:Try to confuse the teachers more than they already are.