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Harvey Dodd Harvey is living east of Arcola and running a farm. When he gets the chance he likes to ride his scooter and to go hunting. If you read The Vedette, you may have seen pictures of his trophies in the paper. He married Susan Shaw from Greenfield and they have four children. Amanda Renae is 13 and like her dad, already an accomplished hunter. Next are the twins Jessica Faye and Issac Ray who are 8. Finally is little Sawyer Clay who as of July was 20 months old. Sawyer gave them quite a bit of excitement when he was born. Apparently he was eager to get here and they only got to the hospital 40 minutes before he arrived.

What Harvey remembers best from high school is the day Sam injured his fingers in shop. I think we all remember that day and our fear when one of us was hurt.