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Name:Earlene Elizabeth Reeves
Nickname:Earl the Pearl
I Love:Having fun
Prized Possession:My little guru
Pet Peeve:People who spend too much of their time talking without taking enough time to listen
Girl:Pam, Colleen, Dawn, Annie
Boy:Terry, Paul, Scott
Teacher:Goodale, DePriest
Class:Drama, Bookeeping, Journalism
Singer or Group:Barry Manilow
Song:"Inseparable", "Midnight Blues", "If", "I wish You Peace"
Color:Blue, Green, Tangerine, Maroon
Food:Barbecued spare ribs and strawberry cheese cake, banana nut bread
Drink:Strawberry Kool-aid, Orangeade
Hobby:Playing tennis, bicycling and sewing
Sport:Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball
Pastime:Picking bananas on Pam's plantation
Favorite Hangout:At Granny's house
Saying or expression:"Don't fool with the cool 'cause the cool don't fool"
Most Embarrassing Moment:At The Lockwood Tournement when I started turning white.
Secret Desire:To be coach of the Olympic Volleyball Team
Future Plans:To go to college and then marry a tall Texan and live on his ranch
Advice to Underclassmen:Make the most of your days in school because they will be some of the happiest moments of your life.