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Earlene Elizabeth Reeves Earlene has made a career from teaching and is working for the Kansas City Missouri School District. To get her degree and to keep abreast of the education field she has attended Southwest Missouri State, Rockhurst, (near Kansas City), and University of Missouri at Kansas City. She has two children. Daughter Veronica is 15, well into the teen years. James is only 9. If there is any time left between work and children, Earlene likes to read, to sew, to attend volleyball, basketball, and football games, plus to be active in her church's youth group. She did find time to wedge in a trip to New York City in the last few years where she spent Christmas.

Looking back she wishes she had gotten more involved in civic and political activities. Looking to the future, she sees retirement after her teaching career. But no sitting idle for Earlene; she sees a second career in real estate.