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Doug Sexton
Name:Lewis Douglass Sexton
Nickname:Red Clover
I Love:My family and my loved one
Prized Possession:My car
Pet Peeve:Some people
Boy:Legume Brothers
Teacher:Roach, Phillips
Class:3rd Hour Art
Singer or Group:Elton John, Eagles
Song:Take it to the limit
Color:Midnight Metallic Blue
Drink:A Quencher
Sport:Fotball, Track
Pastime:Roaming the dark alleys at Greenfield with my fellow comrade
Favorite Hangout:Dade County Chicken Farm
Saying or expression:Aye!!!
Most Embarrassing Moment:To drive around in our Legume Limousine
Secret Desire:
Future Plans:College
Advice to Underclassmen:Take advantage of all opportunities