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Name:Patricia Colleen Hudspeth
Nickname:Cookie, Cobel, Cooleen
I Love:Life, living, and Bobby Gene
Prized Possession:My chains (for rumbles) Band-aids, and Eggs
Pet Peeve:Giving demerits and Squint Eyes
Girl:Kristi, Chinese, Mogan, and Earl
Boy:Robert, Bill Mc., Vaseline, Bird
Teacher:Walker, D. Jackson, Goodale
Class:Band, Biological II, Bookkeeping
Singer or Group:Carpenters, America, Eagles, K.C. and Sunshine Band
Song:"Feelings", "You Are So Beautiful", "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"
Color:Blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, brown, white, green, Maroon, gold, and silver
Food:Fried chicken, steak, ham
Drink:7up, cherry 7up
Pastime:Being myself and not trying to be like everyone else
Favorite Hangout:Pilgrim, Missouri and The Business Headquarters
Saying or expression:Ta-Ta and Chow-Chow
Most Embarrassing Moment:Getting a ketscup-y hot dog thrown at me at Mass band. Also where it hit and stayed
Secret Desire:To become a star rumbler and squinter
Future Plans:To go on living
Advice to Underclassmen:Stay at your level and don't try to be old before it is time.