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Carol Blankenburg
Name:Carol Blankenburg
Nickname:Kickle, Bird Dog, Susi
I Love:Rick
Prized Possession:My ring and my car
Pet Peeve:People who THINK they know everything
Girl:Colleen, Lori, Patti, Kristi
Teacher:Coach Jackson and Mrs. Attebery
Class:7th hour Study Hall
Singer or Group:Just about all of them
Song:"When Will I See You Again"
Drink:Mountain Dew
Hobby:Having fun
Pastime:Talking on the phone
Favorite Hangout:
Saying or expression:Oh, Wow!
Most Embarrassing Moment:When the test tube blew up in my face in freshmen science
Secret Desire:To become the world's second bionic woman
Future Plans:Work and be happy
Advice to Underclassmen:Life is so precious so don't waste even one day of it.