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Carol Blankenburg Hahn After graduating from Drury College in Springfield and from the University of Missouri at Columbia, Carol was stricken with wanderlust. She has lived in Florida (where she was Chief of the Vocational Rehabilitation Department at the Veteran's Hospital), in New Hampshire, and in South Dakota. Currently she's a Texan.

In Florida she met and married Keith Hahn and started a family. Carol has some of youngest children of our classmates: Emily is 6, Matthew is 4, and Paul is 2, so the births of the children have been her most exciting events in the last few years. She won't be in grandmother status for a long time. Carol is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and doing all the things like hiking, reading, and field trips that one does with a young family.

Looking back Carol remembers the football games and wishes she had gone to college right out of high school rather than two years later. She sees returning to work at least part-time in the future while raising her children and planning a retirement with Keith. Her message to us: "Wish I could have seen you at the reunion. Would love to hear from you by e-mail."