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Name:Brenda Sue Carter
Nickname:Crazy Carter
I Love:ST and SF
Prized Possession:My Book Collection
Pet Peeve:People with closed minds
Girl:M.B.R., N.N., J.W., Etc.
Boy:The Great Bird of the Galaxy
Class:Remedial Basketweaving
Singer or Group:O'Reilly
Song:"I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen"
Color:Blue and Green
Food:Plomik Soup
Drink:Hot water with a crayon in it, and it's ... Green
Hobby:Collecting Memoriabilia
Pastime:Doing what I want to do
Favorite Hangout:U.S.S. Enterprise
Saying or expression:Live Long and Prosper
Most Embarrassing Moment:The Mile Walk
Secret Desire:To be like Gene R.
Future Plans:To go to college
Advice to Underclassmen:Do what you like to do and don't let anyone put you down.