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Brad Taylor Brad and his wife Kim keep busy raising cattle and selling real estate for Century21. If you ever want to relocate to Dade County, give them a call. Brad and Kim have three children: Brandon - 18, Brittany - 15, and Jordan - 10. Brad still loves to watch the local sports teams and no wonder. His son Brandon plays football and has gone on to State two years (beat Stockton two years straight!). These have been the most exciting events in Brad's life in the past five years.

Of course Brad's memory of GHS involves football. He has a strong memory of Terry crying in the huddle of a game because they didn't block. He didn't mention which game but it must have been one of the big ones.

Brad's what to do over or differently: "Never drink or chase wild women. Well, maybe never drink." He sees work in his future but he does have a message to us all: "I'm sorry!" (Maybe an apology for not coming to the reunion.)