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Belinda Ann Tabone
Name:Belinda Tabone
Nickname:Big Dummy
I Love:Life and its enjoyments
Prized Possession:My diary
Pet Peeve:People who think they are better than others
Girl:Betty, Bonnie, Sharon, Michele, Sissy
Boy:A certain one!
Teacher:Mrs. Goodale, Snapper
Singer or Group:Jim Croce, Dicky Lee
Song:"Rocky", "Time in a Bottle"
Color:Dark Blue
Drink:Wish I had some!
Hobby:Drawing, and just messing around causing trouble
Sport:All kinds
Pastime:Listening to Barbara talk about Condor and Tom and always trying to get out of class (right Sharon)
Favorite Hangout:I'll never tell!
Saying or expression:Oh, Bull?
Most Embarrassing Moment:When Suzanne ran off with someone else's shopping cart and I had to take it back
Secret Desire:To graduate
Future Plans:Leave home and have a good time
Advice to Underclassmen:Don't talk back to the teachers (or you are in for it) And hang-in there, you are almost through.