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Belinda Ann Tabone Aytes Belinda is a new bride. She married Alan Aytes December 8, 2000, and yes, this was one of her most exciting events of the past five years. The other was the birth of her grandson Kenneth three years ago. She has three children: Angelia - 21, married and mother of Kenneth, Jonna - 17, Carissa - 12; and three stepchildren: Cindy - 18, DeWayne - 17, and Misty - 15.

Belinda attended Ft. Scott Community College and that is the furthest she has lived from Greenfield. Currently she works as an RN Consultant for Northport Health Services which is involved with nursing homes for the state of Missouri. For fun she gardens, goes boating, and travels. She remembers graduation and the friends that she had in school and would do nothing differently because she has learned a lot about life. In the future she sees a long and happy life and intends to finish her bachelor's degree in nursing.

Her message to the class: "Live for today as tomorrows may never come." She really wished she could have attended the reunion but had only been released from the hospital three days following major surgery. So we wish her great health, a happy new marriage, and to see her next time.